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How we price driveways and F.A.Q

Q: What area does fixed price include.

A: All houses are different so this leaflet through your door applies to a wide range of different properties but the price written is set for your driveway. The best way for us to explain, Price include deep cleaning, soft-wash and re-sanding all mono-block that can be seen clearly from the front of your house. we do allow for the odd extra very small area if it just goes round the back and no more, we don't allow for large areas that would open up.

Q: does the price include paths that run off the driveway

A: The price would include path made from mono-block, but it would not include paths made from paving slabs. 

Q: Do i need to supply water or electricity

A: No we are fully equipped with diesel powered machines and carry a standpipe licence for water access of the mains if needed.

Q: How can you manage to do a better job at a lower price.

A: We have invested in cleaning equipment that can out perform our competitors equipment, this allows us to do a better clean in half the time.

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